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Hi! I'm Katie, born Kathleen Elizabeth and coined "Katie" for life.


I was born and raised in the heartland- Sioux Falls, SD.  Growing up, I was the youngest of four and I could have been mistaken for a boy. I was fiercely independent, played all the sports, quiet and artistic. You could find me either collecting frogs in the backyard, playing sports with the boys, or coloring in my room. 


At fourteen, I moved to Colorado with my mom and for the next fourteen years, I lived all over the West.  In college, my love for photography bloomed. My friends knew that if I went missing to look either at the local Wildlife Refuge or in the dark room, as I became obsessed at that time with film, developing my own images and ornithology. My first career after college in Washington, was in Ornithology, adventuring through some of the most beautiful National Parks in Washington State (Rainier NP, Olympic NP) counting birds.  I worked on a mussel farm on the Puget Sound in college. I lived in a tent for a winter doing bird surveys opposite the Baja in Sinaloa, Mexico. I've traveled through Europe, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and all over the U.S. I find peace in myself when I am outside in nature and so rock climbing became my physical outlet during these years of adventure, travel and studies. I carried a 1980 Nikon FE camera that my dad gave me during this time. I'm still proud of that work I captured in those years...


I returned to Sioux Falls at 28, after all the adventures of my young life were coming to a close. I had decided that I wanted to settle into a more stable life and create a family. I married a boy I played baseball with when I was a child and we are currently raising two incredible little boys.

I take pride in my work and I love what I do.  My absolute passion is birth photography. I think there is nothing more incredible and beautiful and worthy of documentation than the arrival of a new human into the world.  Weddings have become a huge passion. They give me that challenge I need in any work, and I love to capture all the candid emotion that happens on wedding days. 


My style timeless. I want your photos to last generations. My work is candid, natural and emotional. I have a very natural style and look forward to capturing you and your family in a uniquely natural way.

I am excited to hear from you and build a session around your ideas  and  vision.  

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